Choosing a Wedding Professional.

Anyone that plans a wedding or any event for that matter will tell you that it is a huge undertaking, especially if you want it done precisely as you envisioned it. So, unless you are already equipped to handle the stress and demands of selecting your own vendors, negotiating your contracts, designing the look of the event, and creating floor plans you are more than likely going to consider hiring a wedding planner or coordinator.

The first thing to do is […]

My personal style signature……Vintage

I am “all things vintage.” I love anything that has a vintage or rustic feel to it, especially when it comes to weddings. My clients are typically couples that appreciate my creativity when it comes to throwing a party or an event. I believe that it is the “little things” that matter the most when entertaining. When I have guests over for dinner, I believe that they should experience beauty, elegance, my personality, and be exposed to something that they […]

Bridal Couture

Couture (kū-tʊr', -tür')

Everyone loves a beautiful gown! I am willing to bet anyone in the weddings industry that most people come to weddings to see the wedding dress and the cake ( that is if they are willing to be honest). There are a multitude of wonderful wedding designers but the ones that typically stand out are names like Vera Wang, Priscilla of Boston and Monique Lhuillier. If anyone were to say that these gowns were anything less than […]

Making Paper…Mechett!

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” Henry Ford

It is a passion of mine to promote and highlight the gifts and talents of those around me. This month I want to introduce to you the “creative funk” behind the Virtue brand, Brianna Downing, owner of Paper Mechett. Brianna is a stationary and invitation specialist, she has been an integral part of the Virtue team since 2008, designing all of the marketing material (yes, including the […]

Virtue Loves Colorful Table Settings!

If you love color like we do, then you should be gasping for air right now. These pictures were taken at the designer wedding gallery for The Special Event in New Orleans. The translucent blue linens, colorful glassware and silver chargers is certain to make your guests drop their jaws!! To make a bold statement at your event, try using different color vases, glassware, or chargers to give your design a “one of a kind” feel. The design that you […]

“The Purple Phenomenon….”

A few weeks ago, Virtue attended “The Special Event” in New Orleans, Louisiana. While we were there we had an opportunity to network and meet some of the industry’s most notable designers and planners such as Michael Cerbelli, and Sasha Souza. However, the highlight of our trip to New Orleans was the opportunity to volunteer as a part of the “Hands on Hundred” program and create some of the most magnificent and innovative creations such as the one pictured here. […]

How do you like my new card??

I just got new cards!! I told my designer that I wanted to have a “vintage chic” feeling to it and this is what she came up with! Every time someone realizes that I am an event planner/designer, I am judged by the way I look at the moment. You can imagine that if I am coming out of the gym, it’s not all glamorous, in fact sometimes, it’s down right scary!! As a way to demonstrate my creative yet […]