Bridal Couture

Couture (kū-tʊr', -tür')

Everyone loves a beautiful gown! I am willing to bet anyone in the weddings industry that most people come to weddings to see the wedding dress and the cake ( that is if they are willing to be honest). There are a multitude of wonderful wedding designers but the ones that typically stand out are names like Vera Wang, Priscilla of Boston and Monique Lhuillier. If anyone were to say that these gowns were anything less than “works of art” I would probably tell them to go stand in traffic! However, the average bride in 2011 is seeking to maximize her dollars and that typically starts with the first purchase that she wants to make, that’s right you guessed it….The Dress.

To be brutally honest with you, having a dress that has a price tag that resembles a mortgage payment of a mansion is not the best use of your money ( This is my opinion and I’m entitled to it). I find that the brides that spend the time to find the best gown for their body type and their personality tend to turn out the best. You, the bride makes the gown, not the other way around. So stop stressing that you won’t be able to get the dress with that price tag that you know in the back of your mind will put stress on your budget and you will only wear once (hopefully) and start to focus on exploring your options that reflect your personality and style.
The first thing that you need to identify is your budget (I find that budget ranges typically work the best ex. $1500-$3000). The next thing is to ascertain your body type (hourglass, pear or apple shaped, petite, tall, etc.)and what dress compliments you the most (A-line, Empire waist, silhouette, straight-lined, trumpet, etc.). Once you have gotten this far, it’s time to peruse periodicals or on-line catalogs to see if there is a designer that specializes in your particular style of dress. You would be surprised to see the choices that are available to you within your price range. Knowing this information prior to setting your fittings, will eliminate your frustration and save you time. Looking for the perfect gown for your special day should be exciting and fun, remember you make the dress and it is your personality that makes the dress beautiful!

If you have questions or need assistance selecting a suitable gown, Virtue has an image consultant on staff that will be happy to do most of the leg work for you. Contact us at (866)845-8845 to schedule a consultation.


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