Bridal Make-Up Do’s & Don’ts

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It’s your big day, the planning process has finally been implemented and completed, and you’re ready to exchange some vows and become a Mrs…FINALLY! The last thing you want to do before you walk down the aisle, is make sure your face looks just as beautiful as that thousand dollar dress you have on! In addition, most likely you’re paying top dollar for a professional photographer, so ladies, do yourself a favor, get your money’s worth, and hire a make-up artist so that those photos of you and your man come out flawlessly.

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Point being, if you are not using the right products , it doesn’t matter how good your photographer is, your pictures will not do you any justice, because in reality, you get what you pay for! So, after consulting with make-up artist Charlene Kongolo with Charlyko Beauty, here is a brief bridal makeup Do’s and Don’ts “tip list,” so to speak, so that you get the look you want and a bang for your buck!


  • Prior to your big day, get an idea of what type of look you are going for, whether it’s by flipping through magazines, browsing the web, or consulting with a make-up artist at a beauty bar in one of the large department stores in your area.
  • Once you have conceived that image in your mind, find a make-up artist that understands what you are looking for and has the products you desire her to use.
  • Go for a skin tone match which are usually free of charge and ask for your skin type to make things go smoothly on the day of your wedding!  In general, if you have dry skin aim for a hydrating , satin-finish, liquid-based foundation.  Those of you with oily skin, go with an oil-free liquid foundation, avoiding powder as a base, and only using it for touch-ups.

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  • Make sure you blend your make-up in a circular motion starting from the top of your face and  moving down and backwards towards  your hair line, using as much natural light as possible while applying.
  • Browse and choose from different fake eyelash options being that each style portrays a different and unique flare and will help accentuate your eyes in your photos.
  • Keep your eye make-up simple and sweet, sometimes more is less ladies!


  • Use excessive amounts of shimmer, sparkle, or frost  on your face or chest due to  the glare it will give off in your photos; Although, you can probably get away with a hint of sheen.
  • Match your eye make-up with your color scheme; Compliment your color scheme with your eye make-up.  Go with either a natural/smokey look, or something that brings out the colors in your wedding party or personality and style.
  • Wax your brows or lip the day of your wedding, don’t worry, your hair will not grow back over night ladies!
  • Schedule any type of chemical peel or intensive facial at least two months prior to your wedding day being that your skin has the ability to react differently each time to these types of treatments.
  • Use too light of an under-eye concealer because it will be very visible in your photos; you don’t want to look like “a deer caught in headlights.”
  • Go for the nude/natural lip color and dark/dramatic eye shadow because you will look like you have a black eye and washed out lips, which will not photograph well.

In conclusion, do your homework ladies, find your look and most of all, your make-up artist.  A great way to get started is by coming to join us on Sunday, October 28thfrom 2-4:30 at the Southpoint Nordstrom’s Mac counter for our Virtue Bridal Beauty Bar!

Make-up artist Charlene Kongolo with Charlyko Beauty will be demonstrating different looks and sketches to help you get some ideas and give you some professional advice for your bridal makeup! First come, first serve being that there is limited seating, so click HERE to register and join our mailing list!

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