Bridal Party Brilliance

Photo courtesy of Doug Palme Photography

Today is all about you, your fiancé knows this, your parents know this, and so do your friends…but ladies, let’s be serious, what would your special day be like without those special girlfriends of yours that have been your shoulder to cry on when you’ve hit rock bottom, your partners in crime when you were living life on the edge, and your first 5 phone calls made 5 minutes after you’ve gotten proposed to…? That’s right, absolutely horrible.  So let’s do this right and make your best girls look just as brilliant as they would want you to look on their special day! All you have to say is BAAM! Budget, Attire, Accessories, Makeup, BAAM!

Budget- As we all know, money doesn’t grow on trees, and financially speaking everybody has a different definition for what is “reasonable.” So be a good friend and find something that all your girlfriends can afford.  This does not mean you’re not allowed to peruse through designer brand catalogues and dress shops to get an idea of what type of look you’re going for. This means create your image and duplicate it by finding a similar style and look.

Once you have your image you can look anywhere for that particular dress style, and save your besties a couple hundred dollars in the process. Another option would be to find a reasonable price and buy the dresses for the girls rather than giving them a special present, which is tradition, in honor of being so much help and a part of your special day. Lastly, whether it’s coming out of your pocket or theirs, be practical and get a bang for your buck and try to find a dress that can be worn more than once.

Photo courtesy of Peppermint Bliss

Attire- In a perfect world, we would all be a size zero, with a B cup and have an ass the size of a cantaloupe, but realistically, everyone comes in all shapes and sizes, and are beautiful in their own way. :)So be nice and remember, different styles compliment different body types and not all your maids have to necessarily wear the same style if they are wearing the same color, fabric, shoes, and accessories.Accessories- Sweet and simple is the name of the game.  Your maids are going to have a beautiful bouquet in their hands, with a classy up-do, and a stunning dress, with a chic pair of heels to tie it all together, so accessory-wise save the girls some money and keep it simple. You don’t want to take away from the rest of the look by overdoing it with unnecessary accessories.  Also, keep in mind that if you decide to go with different style dresses, not everyone’s dress will look right with certain accessories. For example, if one of your maids is wearing a halter style dress, a necklace probably wouldn’t be the best bet. Don’t forget to take into consideration which styles you’re working with and which accessories would complement each style. Earrings go with everything and you also have a tremendous amount of options when it comes to style because studs or dangling earrings, can be as dressed up or dressed down depending on how you like it.

Makeup- When picking a look, you have to keep in mind that everyone has a different skin tone and a different skin type.  The best way to go about this ladies is by doing your research and finding a makeup artist to do everyone’s makeup properly to give off a uniform and natural look that compliments each girl’s skin type.

If you’re really tight budget wise, plan for a girls day out, and take a trip to a makeup counter and get everybody color tone matched. Most places will let you get a free demo after spending “X” amount of money on their products. Once they buy these products they will have them for months because the good stuff lasts, and they will also learn the correct technique not only for your special day but for the future;

Photo courtesy of Doug Palme Photography

Once again, a bang for their buck. When deciding whether or not to go natural or dramatic, take into consideration your color scheme, the hair and dress styles, and what type of look you are going for.

Remember, this is YOUR day and although you want your bridal party to pop, you want to have that “wow factor,” that differentiates you from the bridal party.

BAAM! You’ve got your girlfriends looking beautiful and they still get to go home with a nest egg because most importantly they still will want to be your friend after the wedding! Mission complete! Good luck ladies!

So, remember to mark your calendars because on Sunday, October 28th from 2-4:30 at the Southpoint Nordstrom’s Mac counter is the Virtue Bridal Beauty Bar! Mac experts will be demonstrating different looks and sketches to help you get some ideas for your bridal makeup! First come, first serve limited seating.  Head over to our Facebookpage to sign up for the event and like us to get more information!