Delegate to Your Wedding Party


Have you ever wondered what a bridal party is responsible for? We often hear about the MOH (maid of honor) and FOB (father of the bride) or the BM (best man) but after that what are the other members of the bridal party suppose to be doing, definitely not sucking up the food and boos. Before you select your wedding party, read this blog and start delegating wedding tasks to your wedding party.

Maid / Matron of Honor

Brides usually choose a maid or matron of honor they feel close to; a sister or best friend. If you are having a large wedding you may want both – a married sister or best friend for the matron and an unmarried sister or best friend for the maid of honor. Your maid or matron of honor is indispensable and a big help throughout your planning and ceremony. Her customary duties include the following:

  • Hosts the bridal shower with Mother of Bride & other bridesmaids
  • Helps the bride with addressing envelopes, making favors, and helping with the shopping.
  • Plans a shower along side the bridesmaid for the bride.
  • In charge of communicating and being in charge of bridesmaids being on time for all events.
  • Helps organize the bridesmaids with their dress fittings.
  • Keeps the groom’s ring until the appropriate time during the wedding ceremony.
  • Assists the bride with getting dressed prior to the ceremony and reception.
  • Arrange bride’s train and veil before and during the ceremony.
  • Signs the wedding certificate as a legal witness.
  • Bustles the bride’s train before the reception.
  • Assists the best man with bringing the gifts to the couples’ house after the wedding.


There are no definite rules on the amount of bridesmaids you should have. However, twelve is customarily the limit, but the most common number of bridesmaid is eight. For a smaller wedding, you should have a fewer number of bridesmaids. The bridesmaids duties include:

  • Helpful by completing pre-wedding errands and tasks.
  • Assist with planning the shower for the bride.
  • Assist with addressing envelopes, making favors and helping with shopping.
  • Stands in for the maid/matron of honor with pre-planning tasks.

The Best Man

The Groom usually chooses his brother, a close relative or best friend. However, it can be the groom’s father, or son. The best man not only offers the groom moral support, but is his right hand man in organizing activities and handling important duties.

  • Coordinates the bachelor party.
  • Makes sure groomsmen and ushers are on time to all events.
  • Assist the groom with getting dressed and to the church on time.
  • Supervise the groomsmen and usher’s fittings and organizes them on the Wedding Day.
  • Keeps the bride’s wedding ring until the appropriate time during the wedding ceremony.
  • Pays the officiant’s fee before or after the ceremony for the groom.
  • Signs the wedding certificate as a witness.
  • Makes the first toast to the bride and groom at the reception.
  • Insures that the couple’s luggage is placed into the vehicle transporting them to the honeymoon suite.
  • Return the groom’s tuxedo to the tuxedo rental shop.
  • Delivers gifts to the couples’ house after the wedding.

Groomsmen and Ushers

Groomsmen can be the groom’s brother, friends, or relatives. The same rule applies here as the bridesmaids, the maximum number of groomsmen is 12, however eight is the most common number is eight. The number of ushers is based on the number of guests that you are expecting. Their duties include the following:

  • Assist the best man organize the bachelor party.
  • Ushers- arrive at the church at least an hour before the ceremony to seat guests.
  • Ushers- seat special guests in reserved sections.
  • Ushers- light the candles in the candelabras if necessary.
  • Ushers – roll out the aisle runner.
  • Arrive at the church at least two hours prior to the wedding ceremony to assist the best man.
The Flower Girl
You definitely don’t want to have a flower girl that is too young, because behavior may be too unpredictable and distracting during the wedding. A good rule is to stick to a 4-8 years of age range.  The flower girl’s duty is to spread flower petals as she processes down the aisle to prepare the way for the bride. Churches are starting to prohibit the use of flower petals due to the clean-up, as an alternative  consider having the flower girl carry a cute sign that says “The Bride is coming…” It is also a great idea, to have the flower girls parents practice with her the weeks leading up to the wedding.
Ring Bearer
The duties of the ring bearer are to carry replicas of the rings (Please, not the real ones) down the aisle tied to a satin pillow. The ring bearer can walk with the flower girl or alone but precedes the bride. A good rule is to stick to a 4-8 years old age range to avoid any unexpected behavior challenges. It is also a great idea, to have the ring bearers parents practice with him the weeks leading up to the wedding.
The Mother of the Bride
Your mother is going to be overjoyed and excited that their daughter got engaged and this may lead to her trying to plan all of the wedding details. Before getting upset with her, just take a breath and let her assist in the following areas:
  • Assist with selecting the wedding dress, bridesmaid’s dresses and accessories.
  • Assist with compiling the list of family members for the guest list.
  • Assist with addressing invitations.
  • Keep the father of the bride informed of wedding plans.
  • She is the official hostess at the wedding ceremony and reception. She is the last person seated at the ceremony and the first to greet the guests in the receiving line. She is seated in a place of honor at the reception.
The Father of the Bride
Your father is giving another man, his baby girl and that is a moment is going to be bittersweet for him.  Make sure that you involve him in the areas that he wants to be involved in. His duties include:
  • Providing financial assistance with securing the wedding ceremony and reception.
  • Assisting the groom with selecting tuxedos for the groom’s attendants.
  • Riding with the bride to the wedding ceremony.
  • Escorting the bride down the aisle, and gives her way.
  • He is the official host at the wedding ceremony and reception. He is also seated in a place of honor at the reception.

We would like to hear from you. What other responsibilities do you assign to your peeps??

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