Hot wedding trends in 2012!


There are so many things that “tickle my fancy” in wedding trends but I just wanted to take a moment to highlight a few of them. If you know of another trend that you don’t see here, please feel free to submit your comments and let us know what’s hot in your area. So now for my favorite tag line, “Let’s get this party started!!!”

First on deck:

Funky and colorful shoes that rock!








These tiffany blue pumps make me very happy  and are a definite staple for the 2012 season.




Next up:

Creative and artistic aisles.


This design is absolutely stunning! This will take some time to pull off, but it’s definitely worth it.









I have used this design several times and it is always a hit! Line your aisles with petals and candles and you’re guaranteed to create a  magical atmosphere.









This next selection happens to be one of my signature pieces…yes you guessed it

Vintage Chandaliers

 Lastly, one of my favorite favorite favorite trends for this season……wait for it…..

Unique escort card displays using antique furniture!


This is a wrought iron gate painted gold that holds the escort cards for the guests. I know I know, hot right?!



Who would have thought that using a window shutter as a   card holder would turn out so well. It’s simple yet chic.






There you have it folks, these are just a few ideas that you can implement that will get people talking at your party! Talk to me have any of you done this and what was the response from your guests? Let me know what’s hot in your area!



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