How to Select Linens that Rock your Event!

Choosing the right rental company is an important factor to think about if you want your event to be perfect. You want to choose the company that will deliver  top quality products and services, thus meeting your expectations.  In today’s blog, Paula Hunter from Party Reflections, gives us tips on how to change the face of your event by selecting linens and party supplies that rock!

Here’s what Paula had to say. ..

Getting started:

Picking the right linens for your event may seem overwhelming at first–after all, your linens play a large role in the overall appearance and mood of the event. You’ll want to choose table linens that coordinate with the theme, color and other decorations details you have planned. Table linens are the base for the theme of your event. They can be fancy, simple, elegant or extravagant.  Your choice of linens will be visible because of the numerous tables at an event that will need covering. Guests will spend most of the time at these tables, so make them look good by selecting the right linens.


Understanding the linen business: 

Most of our clients don’t realize that color plays a very small role in the cost to rent a table linen. Pricing is based on fabric, not color. A lot of clients think that they will save money by using overlays or runners versus renting a nicer fabric as a floor length linen. That’s a very big misconception because often, the client can actually end up spending double the money. Not only will they spend money on the runner or overlay, they will still have to rent the actual tablecloth to use underneath.

Keeping up with the cash:

For clients on a budget, choosing a basic fabric, but one with a pop of color is a very easy way to make the event more special. Another way to keep the budget down is by renting a colorful or patterned linen for key, eye-catching locations throughout the room, such as the cocktail tables or the food and beverage tables for visual interest, instead of for every table. Colored napkins or unique napkin holders could have the same effect.

What do I do first?

As far as the planning priority list, clients should always start with booking the event planner, venue and the caterer, not the rentals. A lot of times, they overlook the importance of doing these things because they are so anxious to work on their tablescapes. The reason why you want to have the venue and caterer booked first is to avoid renting items unnecessarily. Be sure to verify what items your venue and caterer already have. That will definitely assist with budget. Also, having your venue booked before placing a rental order will help avoid things like conflicting colors. Consider your venue before you solidify your design, so that your linens don’t clash with the existing decor. Keep the room’s dimensions, wall and ceiling color in mind, along with any wall art or features that will be present during your reception. If your venue has 20-year old neon orange carpeting that cannot be covered or removed, it would be helpful to know that before ordering clashing linens or decor.

What sets Party Reflections apart?

Party Reflections  buys the fabrics that speak to us, while keeping the client in mind. Whether the patterns and textures are trendy and cutting-edge or  traditional, we are able to service each client’s individual needs because we have the ability to cut and sew everything in-house. We use the fabrics for our table coverings and runners, but we also have the extra fabric if needed for napkins or something unique like pillow covers for a lounge area.

We’re well versed in what the current styles and trends are, and can ensure that the linens and other supplies that you rent match perfectly the theme of your event. We know exactly what it takes to turn an event into a bold statement, using table linen rentals to bring life and color to any type of event. Party Reflections has a vast customer base, including a variety of different companies and individuals, including hotels, restaurants, clubs, business offices, private universities, catering companies and a lot more. Everyone who has worked with Party Reflections in the past knows that if you want your event done right, with the right table linen rentals , Party Reflections is the way to make sure that your needs are met.



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