Meet Anaya and Kris

Anaya and Kris

“We love Love” and especially when it comes to our couples! Meet Anaya and Kris, who are the newest additions to our Virtue family. We adore these two and we are looking forward to designing and planning their wedding coming up in November. Both Anaya and Kris are originally from North Carolina and it didn’t take too long to decide that “The South” was where the nuptials were going to be held. I leaped into action when I heard that they were looking for wedding planners, because it’s not everyday that you meet a couple that are regal yet so down to earth. Listen to me when I say, WE LOVE couples like Anaya and Kris and if we could clone them…we would definitely try!

Anaya shares my “obsession” with Pinterest and Kris is creative in his own right when it comes to the design of their wedding, and he is definitely not an “Invisible Groom” and that’s what we love most. One can only imagine how beautiful of a bride Anaya will be and how dapper Kris is going to look in his tux, just by looking at their pictures.

We won’t reveal the details before time but just trust me it is going to be an amazing party and we are too excited and looking forward to managing the details for these two. Check out their engagement pictures in Paris, France!

Anaya and Kris

Hey  everyone say hi to the beautiful couple and wish them well!

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