My personal style signature……Vintage

I am “all things vintage.” I love anything that has a vintage or rustic feel to it, especially when it comes to weddings. My clients are typically couples that appreciate my creativity when it comes to throwing a party or an event. I believe that it is the “little things” that matter the most when entertaining. When I have guests over for dinner, I believe that they should experience beauty, elegance, my personality, and be exposed to something that they have never seen before. Whether it’s the invitation, fresh flowers in an old vase, menu cards, place cards, gift boxes, or specialty drinks; make sure that your guests are wowed as soon as they are made aware that you’re having a function.

Entertaining is all about the “experience” so your job is to incorporate your own personal style in everything you do. For example, most people have come to know me for always wearing funky glasses ( I collect frames some with medicine, some without), so when I have events I play off of that and I may have a pair of frames incorporated on the invitation as my personal signature and again at the event. It doesn’t take much, all you have to do is identify your style and think of funky ways to engage others with it.

For your next event, try something different and incorporate your “personal style signature” into the design and make sure to let me know how it turns out!

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