Organizing R.S.V.P’s


Get Organized!

Keeping organized when there are RSVP’s flooding your mailbox can be extremely overwhelming. That’s why there are 5 easy, affordable, and practical ways to keep track without having a heart attack!

1.  Create An Excel Spreadsheet:

Before even sending out your invites, create a spreadsheet!  You are going to label each column accordingly: Name of Guest, Address, # in Party, Yes, No, Unknown, Meal and Gift.  When the RSVP’s start coming, all you have to do is start plugging! It’s as simple as that!

Not only are you tracking your RSVPs but you are also one step ahead of the game by having the information you need for your Thank You cards! As you receive a gift in the mail from someone who isn’t attending, or as you open the gifts after the wedding, keep your worksheet opened and just plug it in as you go! The best part is you can’t lose it, because we all know how easy lists disappear!

2. Download the Guestlist App on Your Smartphone:

Nowadays, who doesn’t have a smart phone, or an Ipad?  For only $1, the productivity app, Guestlist, will save you so much time, money, and aggravation.  For each guest you enter, you have the option to plug in how many people are coming under that parties name. To track if they are coming you select “joining,” “not joining,” or “hasn’t responded yet.” Guestlist does all the work for you when it comes to keeping an organized RSVP list!

3. Your Personal Wedding Website:

Most couples create wedding websites as a way to communicate all of the pertinent details to their guests about the wedding. Your wedding website usually has details, such as wedding weekend itinerary, directions, host hotel links and room block information and lastly the registries. Having a page for your guests to rsvp while on your wedding website is a quick option for them and for you.,, and are a few websites that can make communicating with your guests and collecting rsvp’s much easier.

4. Get a Dedicated Voicemail or Toll-free Number:

This option works very well for guests that either don’t have Internet access or are apart of that older generation that doesn’t understand how the Internet works. This also gives you an opportunity to catch those family members that want to invite 12 of their friends to your wedding that weren’t invited. Check out E Voice, Google Voice, or Ring Central.

5. Entrust Your Planner to Manage RSVP’s:

We are asked often to manage this portion of the wedding for our clients that know that they won’t have time or are frustrated by this process. Depending on the client, we may use any of the above-mentioned options that accommodates their theme the best. For example, our full service clients typically lean more towards the wedding website or toll-free number. No matter the method, we make sure that the RSVP’s are managed and organized as not to add unnecessary stress to our clients.


Truthfully, managing RSVPs is time consuming and can be frustrating for the working couple. Hopefully, after reading this you’ll never have to tear up your house again looking for a list that you could have sworn you placed right on the kitchen table! 😉


How do you keep organized?! Share with us how you keep from losing your lists! Have you found another option that may save us a headache when keeping RSVPs in order? If so tell us about it!





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