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We offer consulting for businesses of all sizes - to help you strategize effectively, create a business you love, implement new systems, and understand how to scale your profits. We aim to foster an environment of collaboration and creativity to help you succeed, no matter where you are in business.

Our style of consulting creates an intelligent, rigorous, and respectful exploration of ideas. We seek to spur clients to expand their awareness of critical issues, employ key decision-making skills, and find innovative ways to meet their business goals.

leverage our experience and expertise for your success!

our consulting services help you:


We’ll help you establish a strategy for your business that will get your target market excited about you. The truth is that we’ve been where you are - we know what it’s like to start a business built solely on passion and make money at it.


Get closer to your dreams by creating a business and life that you love! There’s a ton of things you need to know when starting and maintaining your creative business - and make money doing it. We’re here to make sure you’re on the right track and set up for success!


We’ll teach you how to execute strategies and systems that will increase your profits, optimize your process, and increase opportunities for success. We’re here to help you navigate everything you may encounter and provide solutions for how to overcome them!

“Joye’s consulting style is not just a business approach but she looks at the true goals of you as owner and speaks to your passion for what you do. She shows you how to take that passion and use it to hone in on your ideal market making sure you optimize your business’ success. Joye has taken Indulge Catering to the next level by pushing us and showing us how to network correctly and holding us accountable for our growth with assignments and off schedule check-ins. Her business knowledge is priceless and her expertise has helped us avoid many pitfalls that other start-ups have fallen victim to.”

Precious-Jewel Zabriskie & Jacqueline White

consulting packages

non-profit & small business

our consulting services include:

Event marketing
Event checklists
Hospitality industry insights
Getting started with event planning

and more!


Event budgeting
Event aesthetics
Vendor types and management
Event playbooks



“Joye’s work with us has been both thorough and effective. She is a gifted, careful and creative person, with an eye for details and a devotion to logic. I can readily attest to her continual performance of diligence and faithful commitment. She has the ability to draw on her own experience and observations to develop thoughtful opinions on a variety of issues. Joye facilitates confidence and courage, along with bolstering the skill sets in individuals to meet their goals. She is hard working, honest, reliable, caring, diligent and conscientious.”

Dr. Cleo V. Townsend, Ph.D.